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#TruTestimonials from some of our clients & #TruCrew alumni...

What are they saying?

Check out testimonials from former clients and #TruCrew alumni!

I don't know how I would have passed in my third attempt without Trudy. My current BCBA also used Trudy and we BOTH passed on our third tries -- all thanks to Trudy! I really kept to heart and mind her dissecting tips when it came to the questions! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE carry that methodology with you when taking the exam because that truly was the game changer for me. Watching the breakdown of her ethics videos and how to prioritize target behaviors is what did it for me this time around. Again, her tutoring session was VERY personalized and truly personable and I will forever be grateful for the #TruTips I received. Thank you, Trudy! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!


Best tutoring ever! I had failed my exam my first two attempts with a 368 and a 384. Finding Trudy was possibly the best thing that could’ve happened for me. The way she helped me understand the concepts and focusing on key words that make you realize what the right answer is. She made is so easy and simple to understand. Also what really stuck with me is she would make me go answer by answer and explain why I thought it was right or wrong. That made a big difference and helping me pass on my third attempt. I would recommend Trudy to anyone!


Tru BXD was able to provide in depth information on the concepts to prepare for the exam. The most important piece is the fact that we received more than superficial information on everything. For example I was able to learn that AKAs we were taught are NOT exactly AKAs , I was able to learn how to examine experimental designs, and apply punishment, reinforcement and extinction and make up my own questions to apply what I was being taught. The information is basically different than what the other test prep companies are doing .... the information mirrors what I was seeing on the FIT mocks that were not being explained with other services


I can’t thank you enough for your support, teachings, patience. You are amazing tutor, amazing BCBA 🫶🏼 you great at what you do, please continue to make the difference you do! 


Having Trudy as my tutor was the best investment, ever! I met Trudy when I was at my lowest, my husband got orders to go to Colorado while I was with my kids in Alaska during the pandemic. I had failed the exam twice already. I was very depressed and is discouraged but Trudy helped me gain my confidence back! She not only helped me pass the exam but also learn the content! I Can proudly say that I am now a BCBA! -May

I just cannot say enough about the level of professionalism, attention to detail, genuine empathy, straightforward approach in materials prepared and the flawless presentations, the warmth to the learning community, the empiricism in extending the attitudes of science and the calm demeanor you have. Fun to be around. You just get it don’t you?

- Belinda

I have and will continue to recommend this study group. My daughter will finish her coursework on September, she will be in the first cohort following completion.- Melody

I enjoy the interaction and the simplicity of the explanations. I love Tru Behavior Development.

- Mary

Thank you so much for your support and materials!! While I thoroughly enjoyed the #TruLiveCrew #TruABA course I'm proud to say I will not be needing to take it again!!!! -Casey

The services are very straight to the point, real conversations and Trudy is great answering questions- Stacey

Here is my testimony:Prior to working with Trudy, I failed the BCBA exam a few times. At this point in my life after multiple unsuccessful attempts I was losing hope that I would never pass this test.That is when I started working with Trudy and I am grateful that I was able to have her as a tutor/mentor. She immediately lifted my spirits and ignited a fire in me that was missing.  Trudy is easy to work with. She explains the material very well and answers all questions. What I valued the most was Trudy never made me feel uncomfortable. If I was having trouble understanding something she would explain the material in different ways and we would move on once I grasped the concepts. Trudy is very patient and one can tell that she truly cares for you to succeed. In addition to this, Trudy challenged me by changing my studying habits, doing things differently through recommendations and provided different perspectives other than my own. I believe this along with everything else that I mentioned was vital and served as a key to passing the BCBA exam.I would personally like to thank Trudy for helping me in starting the next chapter in my life as a BCBA. Thank you.


I liked how welcoming and personable #TruBxD is!


Thank you so much for all of your support, information, and guidance! The Guide On Demand was incredibly helpful and affordable! I’ve tried literally every study product out there and the Guide On Demand gave me the most information at a more reasonable cost. -Jessica

Everything!!! There were many useful informations!


In studying for the BCBA I stumbled upon the #TruABA Study group, I am so thankful I did! The #TruLivecrew study group price is very reasonable and the content is very rich. Trudy Georgio is an excellent instructor and clarified some very difficult concepts. Thank you very much to the group and to Trudy! It was a Pass for me!!!! I will recommend this group to everyone.


My friend recommended Tru to me, I did not want to spend any money on test prep (master's was enough $!!!!!) but he said it was worth the investment, I am so glad I did it. I didn't even realize how much info I didn't learn at Ball State (where I got my master's). Trudy explains everything and is so patient if you are not getting it, you can tell she loves what she does. Trust me, Tru To Go recordings and tutoring is worth every single penny. I am a BCBA!!!!!!


I really liked the affordability and the interactive nature of the cohort

- Melody 

Trudy created training materials for my start-up ABA company. I am more than happy with the results. She is affordable and efficient, most of all collaborative- she took my vision and made it come to life to help my BTs learn ABA!


I like the quality and proficiency of your services. Instructor is clear in their explanations.- Maria

Feeling defeated my coworker recommended Tru. I did the live cohort (which included postponing my exam (3rd attempt) for 2 months. I thought this was a risk- but now I know I was not prepared until I took the live course. Trudy goes through everything, it's like a mini VCS. In fact, I think I learned more in the 6 weeks "crash course" than I did after my whole masters course. Trudy breaks things down and explains them in a clear way that doesn't dumb down the information. I especially liked the embedded ASRs. Seriously, do it if you want to learn ABA (and pass) . Thank you, TRU!!!!


Materials were simple and easy to follow.  I could ask questions and immediately get feedback, loved the interactive questions, and found the materials that were explained very helpful. I think the cost is amazing, especially since other courses are so expensive. I loved the option of 1:1 tutoring and found Trudy to be extremely helpful and encouraging.

- Olivia

I was referred to a colleague who failed the exam 5x before she met Trudy. I purchased Tru To Go and watched each video twice and completed all homework practice questions to 100% Guess what? first time passer! I am so thankful I found Trudy. Don't spend all your $ on big name, trendy preps, its all here! Gracias!


Trudy is the best! I am a BCBA today because of her dedication to her students and her Best tutoring ever! I had failed my exam my first two attempts with a 368 and a 384. Finding Trudy was possibly the best thing that could’ve happened for me. The way she helped me understand the concepts and focusing on key words that make you realize what the right answer is. She made is so easy and simple to understand. Also what really stuck with me is she would make me go answer by answer and explain why I thought it was right or wrong. That made a big difference and helping me pass on my third attempt. I would recommend Trudy to anyone!materials. She helped me gain a base in ABA when I did not have one due to Covid. She works hard to help her students understand the concepts and succeed! You can’t go wrong with her as your guide through the world of ABA!


I benefited from and enjoyed the 1:1 tutoring sessions with Trudy as well as TruToGo online resources.


I passed! I just want to say thank Trudy Georgio for all the encouragement, virtual high fives and tutoring. I was a multiple test taker and truly defeated with studying. I stumbled upon the #TruABA group looking for content. After buying the PTB , Rogue , FIT guided review (you name it, I have it).  I’m glad I took the live instruction cohort because it kept me accountable. Even when I didn’t feel like studying, I knew I had class! The tutoring helped a lot too. I was able to discriminate the minute details. I hardly second guessed myself too.I truly believe working one on one helped me understand HOW to take the exam! Thank you for keeping me accountable!!


Trudy individualizes everything while also being super thorough!


You need to put in the work, find your group of people and believe in yourself. Truly believe that being part of TruABA made a difference. Trudy is very hands-on and accessible. When you do (1:1 tutoring) which you should, come prepared with material and make the most out of it, use the jargon! You know what you have to do, GO do it!


As an educator and administrator for over twenty-seven years I've experienced good teaching, coaching and even mentorship but when I was fortunate enough to be referred to Trudy, good immediately moved to great! As an individual with a terminal degree in early childhood special education and now a LBA and BCBA I can truly say it's because of the user friendly material, one on one coaching and the style of group competency based training provided by Tru Behavior Development.

- Rory

Degree in hand and application approved, it dawned on me that the last leg of my journey would be the most challenging one. I had no idea where to begin. I knew myself well enough to know that I couldn’t travel it alone. I was in several Facebook groups and people were firing recommendations to “use this” or “use that” study tool that left me spinning in circles. I didn’t want a pile of documents and downloads, or mock exams with answers. Okay, I wanted these things but with a real person to guide me through them. Someone to hold me accountable. Someone who would understand my learning style and would help find ways to incorporate individualized learning to meet my needs. I am not sure how I stumbled upon Tru Behavior Development, but I do know it was meant to happen. For me, the deciding factor to determine if the study tool was truly (no pun intended) for me would be when and if I received answers to questions before I made an investment. To my surprise, all my questions were answered in less than 12 hours. That is when my trust and respect for Trudy Georgio, the face behind Tru Behavior Development, LLC began. My questions continued and I never walked away without a thorough and applicable understanding. Trudy always encouraged me and my sleuth of inquiries. She challenged me to be my best. This 53-year-old Grandma would never have been one and done without Trudy and Tru Behavior’s live cohort. Heartfelt thanks Trudy, for walking beside me on this journey. ~ Samantha J Ovitt, BCBA ~ Vermont

I found the #TruLiveCrew was the best-valued study prep available. The #TruLiveCrew followed the task list format flawlessly. I would definitely recommend the #TruLiveCrew. I loved how thorough the explanations of the terms were. I also liked the ability to rewatch the sessions on YouTube. I would not have passed without the #TruLiveCrew! Thank you. - Alleah

Overall 1:1 tutoring it was a great experience. The multimodal learning opportunities were super helpful, and I loved the consistency of meetings. It made me study throughout the week because I knew I had to meet later on to discuss things. The consistency was great.

- Hope

I love the fact that each thing I’ve tried is so thorough! I feel like I’m learning more things using these products than I did while using other test prep products. I also LOVE how accessible Trudy is and how she’s quick to respond to questions. I also love the variety of study aids y’all share. It helps tremendously with studying for this exam!


Trudy was always available to answer any questions and broke things down to my learning style.

- Shanna

The accountability of being part of a small group was very helpful. Trudy was my #TruLiveCrew (#LiveCohort) instructor and she really broke things down for me to understand the why and why-nots. The mock questions on the Facebook group were a great tool. Those questions are tough and I believe they set me up for success. I really benefited from what the cohort offered, everything from the mock exams, session recordings, and the Facebook group.

- Rachel

I have worked with many different companies, and I have found that TruABA was by far beyond my expectations. The work and dedication that was put in to help me finally beat this "beast" is truly remarkable. Just when I wanted to give up when not many people believed in me, Trudy did not allow me to. She not only helped me rebuild my confidence, but she also prepared me to be a better practitioner in the field which sometimes does get overlooked because companies are just looking to make money. Trudy did not allow me to give up and was there for me every step of the way. I would highly recommend TruABA to those studying for their board exam because it is not only affordable, but you get the support to be able to believe in yourself and have someone there for you who is extremely knowledgeable to guide you and support you throughout your journey, all the way to the end. I have learned so much throughout the course and especially from tutoring, concepts I was just not getting kept being explained to me until I finally learned it to the point where I can teach it. Thank you for never giving up on me and being there for me on a consistent basis until I finally received 1 sheet of paper with the words PASS on it. The support and dedication that was given to me truly helped me so much and for this I will forever be grateful. Thank you for all you have done for me, I can now proudly say that I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. You truly are one of a kind <3 Thanks again 


All of the Tru ABA study materials were delivered in a clear/direct manner while providing a thorough explanation of the task list. Having studied the Cooper Book independently, I was able to confirm my comprehension of the concepts and understand how they applied to a wide array of scenarios

- A

On Monday, June 1st, I officially became a BCBA! I want to thank Trudy for the super last-minute tutoring sessions she gave me and my study partner! Trudy Georgio helped us break down mock questions we had trouble understanding, helped us solidify our test-taking skills, and gave us more confidence. My study partner and I both walked out of the testing center as BCBAs!


Trudy helped me break down mock questions and helped me understand why one answer was better than the other. She provided real-life examples and made the material relatable.

- Kim

I really liked the applications of principles and concepts and materials are parsimonious -A

I really liked the applications of principles and concepts and materials are parsimonious


I passed the last time, and I absolutely credit that partly to you. I did use another service as well, but together It all made sense!

- Nicole

Trudy was always there to answer any questions I had. She also supported me when I got anxious about taking the exam since I was a multiple test taker. Trudy provided some research based tips and talked me through everything. She supported me when I didn’t pass and celebrated me when I finally passed. I used the Guide On Demand and I watched every video and took notes on everything. I made note cards on the things that I struggled with and reviewed them. I also did all of the homework that was provided. Trudy teaches about active recall and that is what truly helped me to finally pass along with the belief in myself!


I like that Trudy exposed me to different knowledge and concepts different then other platforms. Trudy breaks it down for the person can understand, basically you individualized the tutor sessions just for me to understand.


Thank you so much for all of your support, information, and guidance! The package was incredibly helpful and affordable! I’ve tried literally every study product out there and this gave me the most information at a more reasonable cost.


Trudy was adjunct instructor for my class at Texas A&M University, and was adept at breaking down really tricky concepts into readable, accessable chunks. Not going to lie, her course was hard because she required us to read "the classics" (as she called the articles) and her exams were meant to really test application knowledge. While I was on the fence about getting my BCBA before, I am all in now!


I was having trouble passing the exam and found trudy. I did some 1:1 tutoring with her and I could not have been more happy! Trudy always came to the sessions with lots of materials to help me study and was able to answer any and all questions I had. I finally passed the exam and I absolutely could not have done it without trudy. I would highly recommend trudy and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you trudy for helping me to pass this exam!


Thank you for the materials. I passed my exam today. #TheBreakdown: prioritizing behavior and scenario surgery were incredibly helpful to me!

I finished the exam with over 40 minutes left because I learned what to look for in the question with your materials. I had the content down but needed to figure out the method to the exam. Thank you again for an affordable and direct method for exam prep. I appreciate your work and will certainly share your materials with others. Thank you.


I highly recommend the TruToGo course and personal tutoring. As I began reading Cooper's material, I also started utilizing tutoring sessions with Trudy. Trudy is incredibly knowledgeable. If you have questions during the tutoring, she answers them effectively. Moreover, she provided me with peer-reviewed articles to aid in understanding the concepts. This significantly helped in grasping the scenarios and concepts. Many thanks to TruToGo and Trudy for their assistance.


TruABA truly helped me achieve solid knowledge and provided lots of practice to get prepped for the BCBA exam! Thanks in part to TruABA, I was a one and done!


Thank you so much to you all! I was honored to be the recipient of the #TruLiveCrew (#LiveCohort) scholarship. It helped me tremendously by being able to listen to the classes, ask clarifying questions, and use the supplemental materials.  It helped so much being able to listen and ask questions. It also helped to have the resources at my fingertips.  Your class also held me accountable. I’m so blessed!!!!


Tru To Go was the best option for me. I am an individualized learner with a nontraditional schedule (single mom, full time job, bartend on Saturdays!!). I was stuck with trying to get on task and Trudy met with me to set a schedule. The level of individualization and professionalism is like nothing I ever experienced. The Tru To Go is like 2 year Master's program in 40 hrs. However, it is NOT for people who dont want to put in the work! You need to read and watch- and I swear you will learn it for real. Thank you Tru

- Sara

I really thought that everything in the Guide On Demand was well organized and extremely informational. There were some items that were missing from homework section or supplemental documents section that were mentioned in the videos. I know that documents and homework are updated constantly, but it would be helpful to users who aren’t able to attend live classes. As a single parent who works two jobs, I did find that to be frustrating. I truly enjoyed the videos and I really learned a lot. -Jessica

I liked how Trudy broke it down and really explained the info. Loved her breaking down the questions!


I love the content and the Tru break down concepts just makes things click for me. The platform in which you make your materials available is super user friendly which makes listening to your videos easy to do from anywhere. - Jennalynn

#TruToGo is a great review tool for those studying independently! Applying task list items to scenarios/practice questions gave me the extra clarifications necessary to dissect mock questions. I was better able to choose answers with confidence and the results were reflected in my mock scores.


My little testimony: If you haven’t already and thinking about it please please join the ABA Study Guide cohorts! I finally passed today after taking it 5 times 😳My scores were 345,370,376,372. I’ve taken every study course you can think of like.. literally 😩😩So when I came across this page I was like hey what’s 189 I’ve paid way more and got less out of it. 🙄When I tell you this $ is so worth it, I learned more in this cohort then I’ve had in my whole year of studying. Trudy Georgio is God sent and her teaching style is beyond amazing ! When she explain concepts they stick, I mean really stick. I was fluent with the tasklist from front to back! I would pay a million times that’s how great the cohort is!! Your ethics zoom  was spot on, it was scary! 🤣🤣literally half my exam was ethics heavy! I finished my exam in 3 hours and still had an hour to review my 8 flag questions. I normally would flag 50☹️I was only unsure on 8 questions, that’s how confident I was!!Remember: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Very thankful to Trudy Georgio and #Tru ABA for their help in answering questions, providing clear direction on study habits and trustworthy resources, as well as reinforcing studying behaviors! I was able to pass the test on the first try! Thank you💙

- Erin

For anyone looking to take the exam soon, sign up for 1:1 tutoring with Trudy. Follow this page and do the mini mocks she posts daily on the FB group. She’s amazing !! -Nella

The #Trumock was so challenging I loved it! I had to look up so many tricky concepts (helping me to learn them). HIGHLY RECOMMEND (like all Tru products!!)

- Sami

I hadn’t been in classes for my bcba in 3 years, listening to Trudy go over the material was vital to my passing the exam the first time. The examples and sample questions were great. Being able to ask for clarification on topics was also super helpful. Having the videos to rewatch on YouTube was important when I needed another round of certain concepts.

- Kara

I love the materials! The TruMock is hard but just what I needed to push me to pass the exam!


I am the mother of two boys with autism, Trudy worked with throuh remote parent training on the basics like communication and reducing challenging behavior. We were blessed to meet her. The impact she has had on our family is immesureable. Thank you.

-Mr.& Mrs.  Roldan

Relatable tips and tricks that broke down complex topics!


I paid a ton of $$ for other fun courses, but they were too easy! This test is hard!! Tru ABA took it seriously- if you want to past you have to LEARN THE CONTENT! If  ABA is your life, this is the group for you!


The recording package is far superior to others and is a steal! One and Done, thanks to TruBehavior!


My favorite thing is how expectations were set from day 1. Simply "showing up" isn't enough. Tru ABA has respect for the science (and so should you). It is up to you to read and to do your HW. Accountability is part of the process.


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